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December 4th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

The Husband of our Muse the Miuccia

Manolo says, perhaps you are wondering who this stout, gray-headed Italian man is. He is Patrizio Bertelli, the president and CEO of the Prada, and, more importantly, the husband of our muse, the Miuccia.

He is also the man once described as “the most cunning man in fashion.”

Kim Basinger in the Prada

December 4th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Miuccia she has hired the Kim Basinger to be the new face of the Prada!

Academy award-winning actress Kim Basinger has been enlisted by Italian fashion designer Muiccia Prada to model her new spring/summer Mui Mui collection.

Basinger, 51, who was a successful model before turning to acting, is the latest middle-aged female star to be chosen by highly acclaimed fashion houses, including Madonna, 47, and Demi Moore, 42, who both starred in recent Versace campaigns.

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Telegraph: “Basinger’s just finished shooting the spring/summer 2006 Miu Miu campaign in Paris.

“Muccia chose Basinger for the intellectual sensuality she has, which is quite unique.

“She was also a cover girl before she became an actress, so she’s no stranger to modelling.”

This it makes the perfect sense to the Manolo. The Kim Basinger she is beautiful in the way that only mature beautiful women can be. And the Miuccia she knows that her market it is not the skinny teenyboppers who are most frequently the fasion models, but the mature, fully-grown women who have the money to afford the intellectual luxury of her clothing.

The Manolo can do nothing but applaud this development.

Il Papa in the Prada

November 24th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

The Pope in the Prada

Manolo says, at the last, the Manolo he has found the picture of the Pope in the red Prada loafers. In the humble opinion of the Manolo is the good fashion choice for His Popliness

Ode to the Prada Pumps

November 16th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Manolo’s smart internet friend the Almost Girl, she has written the ode to her Prada pumps. Here is the excerpt.

Ohh little Prada pumps
The perfection of your form helps me to take my lumps
I survive the bumps and chumps in your comfortable embrace
You save me in any situation from possible fashion disgrace!
Your lambskin leather once supple and new has acquired a lived in form
I bless the day in which the Muse Muicca assured that you were born
Over rough city streets and corporate boardrooms you help me stride without fear
I brush off the jeers of nay sayers with nary a tear

You must go read the whole thing to experience the sort of devotion that our muse the Miuccia has inspired in many, including the Manolo and the Almost Girl.

Prada Chav

November 14th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Prada sneakers they have become the feetwear of choice for the Britannic “chav” culture.

Since being founded in 1913, Prada has become a byword for intelligent Italian chic. Now, however, it is challenging Burberry for a different accolade: the first love of Britain’s chavs. For two years or more, Burberry has reigned supreme among the chavs and their northern chums, the scallies.

No one young, feckless and loutish would be seen around the estate without their Burberry baseball cap or cheap/stolen imitations of the distinctive check.

Last year Burberry received the ultimate seal of chav approval: nightclubs started to ban it because of scally troublemakers. But now it faces a rival.

This week Sugar Lounge, Manchester’s most exclusive nightclub, clarified its dress code: jewellery must be discreet, no scruffy jeans, no sportswear, and no Prada trainers.

“We have nothing against a particular brand. We don’t allow sportswear,” says Effie Kanyua, Sugar Lounge’s PR. “However, there is a trend towards high-top trainers by Prada. The trousers are worn cut into the high-tops so you can see what they are.”

Miss Kanyua refuses to use terms such as chav. “I wouldn’t say it’s particularly gangster or even scally wear. It’s just not smart trendy. It’s not about cost. It just doesn’t fit the image.”

We move on to the Printworks club and reach a grim conclusion: Burberry is so last year. Innit?

“Are they Prada?” says Joseph, a doorman. He has a printed dress code stating: “No hats, no hoods, no Prada.”

“Prada?” says his assistant manager, “Chav, definitely. Even more chav than Burberry.”

The Manolo he is not worried that the Prada it will take on the taint by the association with the “chavs” and the “scallies”. The brand it is too big, it cannot but outlast this malignant trendiness, just as the Burberry shall.

The Prada Pope

November 7th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Pope, he is the fan of the Prada.

FIRST the devil wore Prada, now the Pope’s in on the act.

The Pope is reported to have displayed a liking for a pair of red Prada shoes, and has been seen in designer sunglasses, a padded quilt jacket and baseball cap.

Now, this it is something the Manolo he would like to see, the Pope in the Prada baseball cap.

The Prada Loafer

November 3rd, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Prada Loafer Fall - Winter 2005/06   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, there is something about this suede loafer from the Prada that the Manolo adores. It is the elegant simplicity, and perhaps the homey feeling that this it is the comfortable shoe that does not sacrifice the style.

Vandals at the Prada Marfa

October 30th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, here is article from the Houston Press about the vandalism at the Prada Marfa.

Actually, the store sat right where it was intended to sit. But it didn’t last long in its unlikely environs. Just two days after the opening, someone broke in. The front door was smashed, and all the shoes and handbags inside vanished. In their place, two spray-painted messages appeared on the store’s exterior: “Dum Dum” and “Dumb.” The day after the crime, police began an investigation. Security stickers were tacked to nearby fence posts. An alarm system was installed, and sheriff’s deputies were brought in to protect the store at night. The building was repaired, and a new shipment of luxury goods was on the way.

In all the hubbub, it was easy to forget an important fact: The Prada store wasn’t a store at all. It was a $100,000 permanent art installation by Berlin-based artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, meant to comment upon Western affluence and gentrification. The door was never intended to be opened. Viewers were meant to stare through the windows at the goods inside but never handle them. The artists had asked Miuccia Prada to donate goods for display, and she had hand-picked six purses and 14 right shoes for the project.

The show’s funders knew the facade wouldn’t last. They were even quoted in The New York Times saying they expected vandals. “If someone spray-paints graffiti or a cowboy decides to use it for target practice or maybe a mouse or a muskrat makes a home in it, 50 years from now it will be a ruin that is a reflection of the time it was made,” said Yvonne Force Villareal, president of the Art Production Fund in New York. But they had hoped it would decay with time — not, apparently, overnight.

Down the road, vandalism might not have been such a big deal. “The fact for us is it happened quickly, too quickly, without any time for the art to exist,” said Art Production Fund co-founder/director Doreen Remen. Which is why the decision was made to clean up the mess, bring in new shoes and bags, and get security.

E-mailing from Berlin, the artists insisted they hadn’t expected vandals or an alarm system. And they didn’t expect the level of animosity the project generated.

The break-in brought a lot of attention to the installation. Gallery-hoppers in Marfa started scanning eBay daily, awaiting the re-emergence of the stolen goods, while Jeff Davis County Sheriff Tom Roberts told the local press he was on the lookout for a one-legged woman with a taste for high fashion.

Ha! The Sheriff he has the sense of the humor.

Prada on the Amazon

October 27th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Manolo he has not been paying the close attention to the lately, for he had not noticed that there is the very large selection of the Prada items available on the Amazon.

Small Rectangle Handbag
For the example, this small rectangular black nylon handbag it is one of the best selling of the accessory items on the Amazon, and for the good reason as it is nearly 75% off of the usual price.

This sort of the thing, the Prada at the, it is new to the Manolo.

The Paradox of Not Caring

October 25th, 2005.
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Sunday Times of the London they have the article about our muse the Miuccia Prada, published under the title In Praise of Modesty. Here is the excerpt.

If there is a fashion pioneer living today, it is Miuccia Prada. Her vision of the modern woman totally changed our attitude to sex and how we dress it up. She is fashion’s great provocateur, and when she sends models down the catwalk wearing sheer blouses buttoned severely to the neck, or black capes worn over beige shirts, or with belts pulled tightly round cardigans and socks up to the knees, you wonder, is her interest in the clothes at all, or in the opportunity to play intellectualised sexual games? Above all, how has she managed to take us all along her own special path?

When I put this to her, it’s obvious that she is not entirely sure of the answers herself. After all, she came into fashion through the back door, with no training and, initially at least, no great interest in the business. She had always had an abiding curiosity about appearance and what it says about us, though.

“I realise how powerful and important clothes are, especially for women,” she says. “They have to be useful for your life, of course, but they must also express your individual sentiment.” That Prada accepts that all fashion is role-play is what makes her such a force. She understands that the job of the truly ground-breaking designer is to decide on the roles, dress them and then present them in such a way that people all over the world want to join the cast.

Prada herself makes an unlikely éminence grise. She is neither dowdy, nor overwhelmingly chic. In fact, she looks entirely normal. Her figure is that of a woman in her fifties. Her hair is cut like most other women’s hair. She rarely wears make-up. Contrast her with another Italian icon, Donatella Versace, and you realise that she is a fashion outsider. Certainly, she avoids socialising with most other designers and runs a mile from social events. As she said to me, years ago: “I am a wife and a mother” — she has two teenage boys — “and I have many more interests than fashion. Fashion is just my job.”

But today she has amended her tune: “I’ve become impatient when people claim they don’t care about clothes. They still dress every morning, and if they are going to reject fashion, they still need clothes to show it. Style rebellion is still a form of self-expression.”

Indeed, as the Miuccia notes, claiming to not care about the clothes, to not be concerned about what one wears, it the paradox, for the clothes worn by one who claims not to care make as much the statement as those worn by one who dresses with the purpose.

These inescapable facts obtain: that the clothes they are always necessary, and that others they will always judge us by them. These are the reason why the Manolo he would have you dress with the purpose, to consider carefully what you would wear, and to think about the effect your clothes and how you wear them will have on others.

Of the course, this it does not mean that you must dress to please others, nor that you should follow the lowing herd, but rather that you should be conscious of the image you are projecting.

For the example, if you wish to project the image of carefree disdain for the high fashion, be aware that your dirty t-shirt of the Oakland Raiders, torn sweat pants, and flip-flops may not be conveying that exact message, may in the stead, be saying to the by passer, “Cross to the other side of the street, lest this person’s disdain for personal hygiene and grooming infect you with the parasites.”

Manolo says, the fashion, it is not the nuclear rocket brain surgery.

There are the simple rules for dressing that can be used by anyone to maximize the assests and diminish the faults, and thus project the worthy image. Likewise, there are the ways and reasons to deviate from these rules that will thus project the pleasing counter image. But the central necessity for properly using, and sometimes ignoring, the rules of the fashion and the clothing it is to be thoughtful, to consider your choices carefully, and to be aware that you are always, always, always projecting the image, even when you think you are not.

Disclaimer: Manolo the Shoeblogger is not Manolo Blahnik

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