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Monday, December 12th, 2005
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Prada black goatskin 'Antic Lock' large totePrada black leather 'Antic Logo' tote
Manolo says, here are two items that the Prada describes as having the “antic” element. In the case of the tote on the right the “antic” element it is the large leather logo. On the tote on the left the antic it is the brass lock.

Both items have the sort of old-fashioned, utilitarian handsomeness that the Manolo adores, and the brass lock it is indeed most super fantastic!

Both bags they are available at the discount at the Bluefly

Prada Bag for the Christmas

Sunday, December 4th, 2005
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Prada Handbags Fall - Winter 2005/06   Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, here is the Prada bag that the Manolo thinks is indeed most smart, with the many amusing grommets and the soft, semi-structured suede.

This it would be the perfect gift for the stylish woman to wear with the jeans and the boots on the weekend.

Prada on the Amazon

Thursday, October 27th, 2005
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Manolo he has not been paying the close attention to the lately, for he had not noticed that there is the very large selection of the Prada items available on the Amazon.

Small Rectangle Handbag
For the example, this small rectangular black nylon handbag it is one of the best selling of the accessory items on the Amazon, and for the good reason as it is nearly 75% off of the usual price.

This sort of the thing, the Prada at the, it is new to the Manolo.

The Katie Holmes Bag, Update

Thursday, July 28th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Olivia she has written to tell the Manolo that she has finally found the Katie Holmes bag.

Hola, Manolo! You may remember me as the girl who asked about Katie Holmes’ purple Prada tote. Well, I saw it at the Neiman’s in New Jersey (in the purple canvas with crocodile trim, just like Katie’s), and it cost $2,140. It was lined in super luxurious leather, though with the crap I put in my handbags, it would be bound to be stained by a leaking pen or lip gloss tube. It also was too big for my needs. Gorgeous bag, though.

Many thanks to the Olivia for this information. The Manolo he has not been in one of the stores for many weeks. Soon it will be the time for the visit.

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Katie with the Prada Bag

Friday, June 24th, 2005
By Manolo

Katie Holmes and her Prada Bag

Manolo says, here is the Katie Holmes with her Prada bag, and some unnamed man.

The Manolo and one of the Manolo’s many internet friends they have been looking for this bag with the purple croc trim in the stores and on the internet and have not been able to locate it.

Yes it is the Nylon and Leather Tote, but it has the desirable purple croc trim, rather than the black leather trim.

It is the opinion of the Manolo, yet to be confirmed, that this it is the pre-release of this bag, perhaps given to the Katie Holmes before it appears in the stores.

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Blue Suede

Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada Blue Suede Handbag    Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, this blue suede handbag from the Prada it is on the sale at the, over 40% off of the retail price.

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Handbags for the Summer of 2005

Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here is the lineup of four of the Prada handbags for the summer of the 2005. The first one, in the corner of the upper left, it is the favorite of the Manolo.

Prada Handbags Spring - Summer 2005Prada Handbags Spring - Summer 2005Prada Handbags Spring - Summer 2005Prada Handbags Spring - Summer 2005 - Soft Leather and Metalnylon - BRAND NEW ARRIVALS!!

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Patchwork Prada

Monday, February 7th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada Handbags - Resort 2005 -Prada Handbags - Resort 2005

Manolo says, here are the pair of the cutesy Prada handbags from the Summer of the 2005 collection.

Prada Handbag

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada Satin Handbag with Flowers BN0933

Manolo says, this Prada handbag that looks like the briefcase, its wit makes the Manolo smile.

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