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Why the Manolo Started His Prada Blog

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, undoubtedly many of the readers of the Manolo they have been wondering why the Manolo he started an entire blog devoted to the fashions and personalities of the Prada and why he was resistant to starting the blog about the mens fashion.

Here, in this article about the Milan menswear show, the Miuccia herself she tells you why.

By her own words, Miuccia Prada has decided to take menswear seriously. “It’s time to put the avant-garde behind, and analyze what men really want from fashion,” the designer said after her Monday preview presentation of a no-fuss, classical look for next winter. […]

“Let’s face it, men are conservative at heart,” Prada said.

Manolo says, this it exactly expresses the philosophy of the Manolo with regard to the dressing of the mens. The fashion of the man, it is about the classical forms and materials, this despite the long-standing attempts of the confused GQ-reading peacocks to bring about the radical change.

Manolo belives that if the man he can keep his shape, he can wear the same suit, if it is of the high quality and the classical tailoring, from the young manhood into his grave. The same it can be said of the mens shoes.

This it is why the Manolo, he did not initially want to start the blog about the fashion for the man, because it is not as exciting to the Manolo as the shoes for the women. (Ultimately, only the out crying of the masses in need presuaded the Manolo to relent.)

Manolo says, the Miuccia, she knows.

More from Milan

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada Men's Collection Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Manolo says, the clothes, they are cut very tight, but they look good.

B Movie Inspiration

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here is the article talking about the latest men’s show in the Milan.

The next time someone asks you what you plan to wear when carrying out a particularly tricky assassination, an unlikely eventually I grant you, tell them it will be something from the Prada winter collection shown Monday evening in Milan. […]

Banished from the catwalk — make that gangplank — were the traditional Prada nerds. Instead, we welcomed in a new era of hunky hitmen. Not ugly mobsters but deadly pretty boys, the sort Alain Delon would have hung with in French classic crime movie Le Samurai.

Dropped as well were the gadgets and computer toys that accessorised recent Prada men’s seasons. Apart from a few thin ties, dreadful woolen gloves that looked like a very bad stylist’s ploy and one purple leather bag, there was not a furnishing in sight.

Don’t get us wrong, this was an very fine collection, whose very simplicity was its greatest strength. It opened with a half-dozen camel hair looks, splendid coats, snug suits — all of them creased from a continental flight, or was it a night in a car waiting patiently to perpetrate a crime? Most of them were worn on naked torso, the better to highlight their precise construction and unexpected sex appeal. And when the night turns cold, then Miuccia had neat little Moroccan skullcaps — a few in leather with grommets — to keep Luca Brassi’s head warm.

Sleek black wool redingotes, excellent tooled leather suits and a speckled herring bone duster were each impeccable. The footwear, a notable collection of suede boots and loafers, came with worn toes. Standing around for a capo in the rain does have its downfall.

“I wanted tougher, but more human,” Miuccia told FWD backstage. Her inspiration — “italian kings of the b’s,” a series of movies dating from 1949 to 1976, shown in the Fondazione Prada art space in collaboration with the Venice Biennale.

Manolo says, the Miuccia she was striving for a tough, but stylish chic, which she accomplished. As the Manolo he has said before, he thought it was a very good show, and in general a very good collection.

Prada Ad

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, this it needs no comment.

Prada Tokyo

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here are the links to somethings about the Prada epicenter in the Tokyo:

A slideshow of some pictures of the facade of the store.
An article about the building, with many of the pictures.
An entire book about the architecture of the store.

The Manolo, he cannot wait to visit this marvel.

Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Monday, January 17th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, the Manolo he can do without this shirt, but otherwise, Manolo thinks it is the very good show for the Miuccia.

Of the course, the Manolo he suggests you compare this collection from the Miuccia to what the Vivienne Westwood is suggesting the mens they should wear.

The Miuccia Behind the Curtain, Today

Monday, January 17th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here is the picture from the today of the Miuccia at the Milan’s Fall/Winter 2005/2006 fashion week.

The Ashley Judd

Sunday, January 16th, 2005
By Manolo

Ashley in the Prada

Manolo says, heres the picture of the Ashley Judd wearing the Prada gown to the Globes of the Gold Awards. You will notice that the fabric of the gown, it mimics the feathers, which the Miuccia she favored in her latest collection.

Here is more on the Ashley at the Globes of the Gold.

Prada Auctions

Sunday, January 16th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, as part of the Manolo’s full-service approach to the fashion blogging, the Manolo he has put up the site so that you may veiw Prada items for the sale on eBay.

The Miuccia Behind The Curtain

Sunday, January 16th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here is another picture of the Miuccia, in her customary pose: graciously accepting the unrestrained love from the crowd following another successful fashion show.

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