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Miucca and H&M

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, Ayyyyyy! This possibility has the Manolo filled with excitment!

If Stella could trump Karl in sales, imagine the impact of Miuccia Prada! Though unconfirmed, word came late Wednesday that H&M and Prada are said to have had initial discussions about the possibility of collaborating on a capsule collection of clothing and accessories. A Prada spokesperson had no comment on the matter.Miuccia our muse


Why Miuccia Prada—the woman who built a billion-dollar fashion empire from a line of woven nylon bags—would have any desire to partner with a retailer of chic mass clothing is anyone’s guess. But according to company sources, Prada is undergoing several internal corporate changes. The company recently announced that it would be moving its Miu Miu show from Milan to Paris, perhaps in a strategic attempt to distinguish it from the Prada collection, but also to afford itself a path should a possible partnership with H&M solidify.

If this it were to happen the Manolo would consider it not only terribly exciting, but also and more importantly, one of the milestones in the continuing democratization of the fashion.

Kim Basinger in the Prada

Sunday, December 4th, 2005
By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Miuccia she has hired the Kim Basinger to be the new face of the Prada!

Academy award-winning actress Kim Basinger has been enlisted by Italian fashion designer Muiccia Prada to model her new spring/summer Mui Mui collection.

Basinger, 51, who was a successful model before turning to acting, is the latest middle-aged female star to be chosen by highly acclaimed fashion houses, including Madonna, 47, and Demi Moore, 42, who both starred in recent Versace campaigns.

A source tells British newspaper The Daily Telegraph: “Basinger’s just finished shooting the spring/summer 2006 Miu Miu campaign in Paris.

“Muccia chose Basinger for the intellectual sensuality she has, which is quite unique.

“She was also a cover girl before she became an actress, so she’s no stranger to modelling.”

This it makes the perfect sense to the Manolo. The Kim Basinger she is beautiful in the way that only mature beautiful women can be. And the Miuccia she knows that her market it is not the skinny teenyboppers who are most frequently the fasion models, but the mature, fully-grown women who have the money to afford the intellectual luxury of her clothing.

The Manolo can do nothing but applaud this development.

Miu Miu Site

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, like the official Prada homepage, the Miu MIu homepage it is nothing more than the single image, this one above.

The Manolo he has said this before, but it is curious that the Prada they have not developed these sites.

Perhaps the answer it is found in the recent survey that showed that the Italians they used the internets less than any other major developed country.

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Urban, Yet Country

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
By Manolo

Manolo says, here is the article on the Fall/Winter Miu Miu collection for the mens.

For fall-winter 2005/2006, the Miu Miu collection accomplishes what other designers merely aspired to do — bring a gentlemanly country feeling into an urban environment. Wonderful camel coats, boxy velvets tuxedos, worsted wool suits and brilliant faux patchwork paisley shirts would look equally at home in the English and Italian countryside or inside London, Milan and New York. Miuccia used a similar vocabulary in her Prada show, classic staples in a men’s wardrobe, yet managed to take it much further in Miu Miu.

“Urban, yet country,” the designer told FWD.

The single best idea was using Shetland tweeds in gentlemanly suits and snug pants in old-fashioned materials. One in oatmeal bore an uncanny resemblance to a suit my own mother had made back in the sixties, so traditional was the fabric.

Manolo says, the Miu Miu collection it was, like the Prada collection, very good.

However, the Manolo he must now take the exception with all of the belting. Our Miu Miu, she is the genius, but she, of the course, also human, and so she makes the mistakes. Some they can be charming. Others, like the over belting, not.

The belts on the male models, they were too much distracting. See…

Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2005/2006Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Manolo says, even the great ones, they make the mistakes.

Miu Miu For The Blizzard

Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
By Manolo

Miu Miu Womens Shoes Spring - Summer 2005  Manolo Likes!  Click!

Manolo says, the snow it is falling, in the home you are stuck, so why not put on the sandals from the Miu Miu’s Summer 2005 collection and dream of the sandy beaches and better weather.

Disclaimer: Manolo the Shoeblogger is not Manolo Blahnik
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