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Milan, Fall 2006

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, Ayyyyyyy! The Manolo he has fallen dreadfully behind in posting new information to this blog. He has been so very busy.

While the Manolo is getting his house in order, here is the astute assessment of this week’s show in Milan from the Papier Doll.

The look was composed of an unfussy monochromatic palette and baggy clothing, fitting the needs of the serious grad student who refuses having to be bothered with coordinating her wardrobe (because she has other things on her mind), and who demands comfortable, easy to wear clothing (but whose stylistic refinement wholly rejects sweatpants).

Collection Highlights

The bubbled jackets and skirts creates a voluminous form that presents the impression that the look is intentionally unkempt rather than unintentionally frumpy. Cinched waists (such a fall runway cliché by now) further indicate that the wearer is deliberate in creating a polished style.

Go look at the whole thing. There are pictures!

P.S. Do not worry, the Manolo he has not abandoned this blog. He will be back shortly with much more.

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