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The Prada Pope

By Manolo the Shoeblogger

Manolo says, the Pope, he is the fan of the Prada.

FIRST the devil wore Prada, now the Pope’s in on the act.

The Pope is reported to have displayed a liking for a pair of red Prada shoes, and has been seen in designer sunglasses, a padded quilt jacket and baseball cap.

Now, this it is something the Manolo he would like to see, the Pope in the Prada baseball cap.

One Response to “The Prada Pope”

  1. Luigi Zabatini Says:

    This pope is a gay pope … he likes shoes … so do I!
    He has got money to get nice shoes … I do not !

    But gold satin and red shoes ???
    This pope has no class ! No sense whatsoever!
    If he were to display an huge dildo what colour would he choose ??

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