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The Katie Holmes Bag, Update

By Manolo

Manolo says, the Manolo’s internet friend the Olivia she has written to tell the Manolo that she has finally found the Katie Holmes bag.

Hola, Manolo! You may remember me as the girl who asked about Katie Holmes’ purple Prada tote. Well, I saw it at the Neiman’s in New Jersey (in the purple canvas with crocodile trim, just like Katie’s), and it cost $2,140. It was lined in super luxurious leather, though with the crap I put in my handbags, it would be bound to be stained by a leaking pen or lip gloss tube. It also was too big for my needs. Gorgeous bag, though.

Many thanks to the Olivia for this information. The Manolo he has not been in one of the stores for many weeks. Soon it will be the time for the visit.

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