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Courtney Cox Arquette and the Prada Shoes

By Manolo

Manolo says, here is the brief anecdote from the Manolo’s friend Eve at SFist about the the shoes of the Courtney Cox Arquette

As CCA posed in front of the SFIFF facade for photos, we shook off our shame and, in a moment that would make Manolo proud, we asked CCA the question that had been nagging at us since she alighted from her limo.

SFist: Hey Courteney, where’d you get your shoes?

CCA: My shoes? (Here she did that flippy foot thing all girls do when you ask about their shoes. You know the move.)

SFist: Yeah, I love ’em! (Shut up. We did.)

CCA: Oh, they’re Prada!

SFist: Sweet

Manolo loves it when the friends of the Manolo have the presence of the mind to ask the only question that matters.

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