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Prada Cufflinks

Tuesday, March 29th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada CufflinksPrada Cufflinks

Manolo says, this it may well be difficult to believe, but in the opinion of the Manolo, these cufflinks from the Prada, they have too much Prada.

The Manolo he does not like the size of the “Prada” name, it is too large and too conspicuous for small item that should signal the taste of the wearer.

By the comparison, look at the cufflinks from the Bulgari.

Bulgari Cufflinks
Bulgari Cufflinks - 18 Ct White Gold and Diamonds

You will notice that the name of the Bulgari it is present, but it is much less obtrusive.

Of the course, there is the qualitative difference between the two sets of the cufflinks. The Prada links of the cuff, they are only $200 of the the American dollars, while the first set of the Bulgari cufflinks are $1200 and the second, with the white gold and diamonds, is $4000 of the American dollars.

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