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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
By Manolo

Here is a brief article from the Times of the Los Angeles regarding Miuccia’s recent show in the Milan.

After overdosing on color, prints and embellishment, black is back as quiet elegance returns to the runway. That was the message from Miuccia Prada, the undisputed leader of Italian fashion, at the beginning of Milan’s fashion week, which continued through Saturday.

From the very first look, a black slip dress with a lace hem, worn with chunky black sling backs, it was clear that this collection was intended to be a palate cleanser.

“I wanted to focus on the structure of the body and the cloth,” the designer said backstage.

“We saw too many prints and color, from myself included. I wanted to make the piece more important without all the decoration.”

The result was a strong case for grown-up minimalism in a palette of black, brown and camel. Emphasis was on construction and dressmaker details, while shoes and bags were mere afterthoughts.

Manolo says, this is a good analysis, although the Manolo he would not completely agree with the idea that this collection was the case for “minimalism”. If the pictures below are looked at, you can see that there is ornamentation, indeed the Hand of the Fatima, shows this.

This is not exactly the minimalism. Instead, the right words they are “restrained” and “sober”, the minimalism implies something sparer than the Miuccia she showed us

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