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Cheering for the Miuccia

Thursday, February 24th, 2005
By Manolo

Prada Fall 2005

Manolo says, here is the Fashion Week Daily’s review of the Miuccia’s most recent show.

They stamped their feet and cheered at the end of the Prada collection Monday in Milan, where Miuccia Prada caught the fashion world off balance with a dramatic change in direction and a collection which will have the industry scrambling to catch up for some time.

After several seasons where she had made embellishment her mantra, Miuccia edited the whole Prada look back to its essentials subtly chic fashion that whispered authority and style. In short these were clothes for modern movie stars who want self-assurance and status in their fashion, not sass and sex.

Manolo says, the idea that these clothes they were for the “modern movie stars” it is somewhat of the ridiculousness.

These they were not overtly glamorous clothes. Rather, as the Manolo keeps saying, they were serious clothes for the serious woman. The glamour, when it was present, it was the by product of the confidence of an adult woman in her element.

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