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Manolo says, here the the couple of the items from the Prada show in Milan today on which the Manolo he is not too keen.
Prada, Milan 2005Prada, Milan 2005

Manolo says, the cut and the material of the clothes they are wonderful, but in the both of these the Manolo he does not like the positioning of the “Hand of Fatima” over the breasts.

One of the particular joys of the fashion, it is when the new clothes they appear on the runways, and we have the opportunity to study them and comment upon them, to “read” them. This joy, it is compounded when the designer is, as the Miuccia is, especially intelligent and thoughtful.

Even though the Manolo he does not, at the first look, like this Hand of Fatima, he now will enjoy the debate over the intentions of the Miuccia, over the process of puzzling out the thoughts of the Miuccia.

Manolo says, for the Manolo the best of the fashion designers their work is as provacative as the work of the great literature.

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