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Manolo says, here is the interesting piece about the Liya Kebede that includes the unflattering comments about the Prada’s choice of the models.

[Kebede’s] success — and that of Sudan’s Alek Wek and Japan’s Ai Tominaga — is the exception, though.

Though those models are redefining beauty standards, progress for most models of color is slow.

The omissions are evident. Take fashion giant Prada, for example. CNN looked at runway shows going back several years.

Last year, there were no women of color in their show. In 2003, none and in 2002, zero.

Indeed, Prada has not put a woman of color on its runway in at least six years. A Prada spokesperson did not return CNN’s calls.

Manolo says, let us hope that the Miuccia, she hears this and changes her ways. It is indeed an omission that is worthy of the correction.

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